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Meet Lily, the extraordinary cat with a gift for feline-human (and human-feline) communication. Lily thrives on verbal and non verbal interaction, making every conversation a delightful exchange. You’ll start to wonder if she really does understand English! As a bit of an attention enthusiast, Lily is known to playfully nudge her way into the spotlight, ensuring that she’s the center of your affection (as she should be). Her love for toys adds an extra layer of joy to her personality, making playtime a cherished part of your day. Lily is now searching for a wonderful family, ready to provide the love and attention she craves. If you’re looking for a charming feline companion, Lily is eager to become the heart of your home. Fill out an adoption application to meet her in foster. 

Lily's adoption fee is $165. She is spayed, microchipped, tested negative for felv/fiv, and vaccinated.

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