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Pebble is sweet, loving 8 year old cat who enjoys being close to her people. She is very interactive and will talk with you once she gets to know you. She loves being held, having her belly and chest rubbed, and loves the comfort of a soft bed to stretch out on, especially with her humans!  Two of her most endearing gestures is when she reaches up to lightly touch her nose to yours and when she lays on her back and kneads the air when she is pleased. Pebble really enjoys spending time in the windows watching the outside world. She also enjoys play time a lot - strings, chasing toys, rolling around with a catnip pouch! 

She is a bit shy at first when in a new space but is easily calmed down by talking to her. She appreciates having a small safe space to hide in if there are loud noises outside like fireworks, etc, or even sometimes just for naps.  Pebble has had UTIs in the past and requires a special prescription diet to reduce the risk of them happening again.

If you're seeking a loving, loyal companion who will shower you with affection and keep you entertained with her playful, quirky spirit, Pebble could be the one! Fill out an adoption application to meet this remarkable tuxedo cat in foster.  Pebble's adoption fee is $150. She is spayed, microchipped, tested negative for felv/fiv, and vaccinated.

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