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Zak & Zara

Zak and Zara are an adorable bonded pair of 1 year old tabbies. Zak is a gentle soul with a shy demeanor that conceals his heartwarming sweetness. Zara, on the other hand, exudes tranquility and affection in abundance. Together, these two are searching for a quiet, loving home with patient adopters. 

Zak's journey towards adjusting to domestic life has been an inspiring evolution. Each day, he becomes more social and eagerly seeks affection from his foster family. Now, he happily approaches for ear scritches and tummy rubs, even claiming a spot on the bed at night with Zara and the resident cats. With ongoing patience and care, Zak is sure to continue blossoming into his best self.

Zara on the other hand is more at ease in the home and with people. She loves to be pet, indulge in a good snuggle session, and rough house with her brother. She plays a pivotal role in helping Zak come out of his shell. Whether exploring uncharted territories, gazing at birds from a cozy window perch, or indulging in long, shared catnaps together, their bond is wonderful to witness.

While Zak and Zara would not be ideal for a household with children or dogs, they are the perfect companions for cats (young or older). If you're looking for a pair of endearing and sweet-natured felines to share your life with, Zak and Zara are ready to become your cat companions. Fill out an adoption application to meet them in foster care. 

The adoption fee for the bonded pair is $300. They are fixed, microchipped, tested negative for felv/fiv, and vaccinated.

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