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About Us


Who are we?

Twitchy Tails Rescue is a non-profit cat rescue operating out of Eugene-Springfield, Oregon. We are a group of volunteers helping to rehabilitate abandoned, unwanted and stray cats and kittens in Lane County so that they may be adopted into their safe indoor only forever homes.

Mission Statement

Twitchy Tails Rescue's mission is to provide care for cats as well as community engagement and education. We will honor this by working with TNR programs for our feral population, caring for cats who need foster care or vet care, rehoming through adoption, bottle feeding orphans, and educating and encouraging our community to get involved to help make the life of a cat better.


What is your adoption fee?

We ask $165.00 for cats under the age of 2. Cats over the age of 2 are $150. All of our adoptable cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for FeLV/FIV.

Do you have a shelter that is open to the public?

No, all of our cats are in private foster homes to give them a comfortable environment and home experience while waiting for their adoption.

Can I meet the cats before filling out an adoption application?

We require an adoption application first. The adoption application should only take 5-10 minutes to fill out. Requiring an application also ensures we are getting applicants who have given serious thought to adoption. Additionally, all of our cats are in private foster homes, so we are cautious about inviting a lot of people into their homes. However, once an application is approved, the applicant may visit multiple cats to get the right fit. If they meet a cat and they don’t hit it off, there is no pressure from us to adopt a cat. 

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! We have needs for all kinds of volunteers including foster homes, data entry, transport, trapping, application support and more. We have many tasks that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Feel free to email any questions you have to or fill out a volunteer application here.

Do you help with TNR?

Yes. Our primary focus is to reduce the population of cats in the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon area with trap-neuter-return practices. We often seek these sites out ourselves and work on trapping projects within Lane County frequently. When resources allow we also take requests from the community. Contact us at .

Why indoor only?

Keeping cats indoors only has numerous benefits. It ensures their safety by protecting them from traffic accidents, predators, and diseases. Indoor cats tend to live longer, healthier lives and have minimal impact on local wildlife. It also fosters harmony in communities by preventing nuisance behaviors. With proper enrichment and stimulation, indoor cats can lead fulfilling lives without the risks associated with outdoor environments.

What is Twitchy Tails Rescue's adoption process? 

Step 1: Fill out an Application

The first step is to fill out an application form here:

Step 2: Application Review

Our volunteers will review your application, contacting vet references, landlord permissions, home ownership, etc. An applicantant is always informed whether an application is approved or denied. If the information on the form checks out, one of our friendly volunteers will call you. This is our opportunity for us to get to know you and your preferences in cat ownership. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have about our cats and our adoption process. Due to the thoroughness of our review process and volunteers’ availability, this stage takes on average 3-8 days to complete.

Step 3: Meet the Cat

Upon approval, we'll arrange a meet and greet between you and the cat in their foster home. You're welcome to meet multiple cats at our rescue to find a good match. If you meet a cat and don't feel a connection, there's no pressure to adopt.

Step 4: Adoption Paperwork & Payment

If you do find your purrfect match, we'll email you the necessary paperwork to review and sign. An adoption fee is paid and then you can arrange pickup for your new companion! The cat’s medical documents and microchip information will be emailed to you upon adoption.

Please note that while we strive to find loving homes for all our cats, Twitchy Tails Rescue reserves the right to decline an application at any point in the adoption process.

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