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Adoptable Cats

Interested in adopting?

Fill out an adoption application and a volunteer will be in touch with you shortly. Please note, we are not adopting to students at this time.

Small black rescue kitten for adoption in Eugene Oregon

Adele is an adorable, affectionate kitten who loves to play. She'd love a home with another young kitten or her sister Nellie.

Black and white van rescue kitty

Cal is a reserved kitty who turns into a loyal companion once he gets to know you.

A small black and white kitten sits in a cat food box

Cosmo is an affectionate, chill observer at heart. Bird watching and soft blankets are his favorite, but he also enjoys laser pointers to express his kitten energy.

A black shorthaired rescue kitten curiously gazes forward in front of a pink wall and rainbow curtain

Dahlia is bold, talkative, curious as can be, and very playful! She is very sweet as well, the perfect balance of spirited and calm.

An adult short haired calico cat loafs on the carpet with her paws tucked under her

Ember is a friendly, calm cat who loves to lounge and chill. This gentle lady isn’t the type of cat to beg for attention, but she happily basks in affection when it is given.

Black and white tuxedo kitten adoption in Eugene, Oregon

James Bond is a big, adorable boy who lives up to his name, as he is charming and handsome! James loves being the center of attention and will readily seek it out.

Grey tabby  domestic short hair sweet 1 year old cat looking for forever home.

Leo is a playful, affectionate kitty who is a little shy. He gets along great with other cats with a slow introduction.

A small brown tabby kitten leans against a pillow

Lotus is a little guy with big kitten energy! Thriving on adventure, he tumbles with his siblings and his favorite mouse toy with gusto.

A photo of a tabby kitten looking into a bathroom mirror a blurred woman's face in the background

Max is a bold and brave kitten who lives life to the fullest! As a little explorer, he is always on the lookout for action and thrives on adventure.

a bonded pair of cats, one tabby and one black and white tuxedo, for adoption in Oregon

Mork & Mindy are cuddly, confident teenage kitties who love to play and eat treats.

Fluffy domestic medium haired black kitten for adoption in Lane County Oregon

Nellie is a small, fluffy black kitten who loves to play with cat toys and her siblings.

A black and white tuxedo kitten leans in a carpeted cat condo looking forwards with his head tilted

Oreo is a charismatic kitten who plays well with everyone and has a sweet, gentle nature. He enjoys cat treats and snuggling with his brothers.

A black and white tuxedo short haired kitten tilts its head in a kitchen looking playful

Pop is an energetic, lovable kitten who is full of character! She loves to play and is full of entertaining antics but snuggles up when she tires out. She gets along great with dogs & cats.

Brown tabby teenager cat with tipped ear for adoption in Eugene, Oregon

Rex is a gentle giant of a teenager who loves being a couch potato while receiving lots of pets and cuddles.

A young short haired tabby rescue cat

Ryder is an affectionate, playful cat who thrives in a boisterous household with kids and would be a wonderful family pet.

A close up photo of a flame point rescue kitten who is relaxing and falling asleep in a cat tree

Shasta is a kind, affectionate kitten who is eager to cuddle with his brothers and his foster mom. He loves playing with his siblings, chasing wand toys and climbing cat trees.

A black and white shorthaired rescue cat hunches on a taupe couch staring forward

Snap is a very friendly, confident cat who loves to cuddle and give kisses. She's a great observer and doesn't mind doing her own thing as well. She does well with dogs.

Black domestic shorthair kitten ready for adoption

Truffle is a affectionate kitten who can be a little cautious but loves to cuddle with those she knows. She'd love to be adopted with her brother Brie.

A small white shorthaired kitten with a black mask on his face lays next to a cat toy

Brie is an energetic but cautious kitten who loves to play. He especially loves to wrestle and cuddle with his siblings.

A long-haired flame point cat with blue eyes sits on a colorful crocheted blanket

Camay is an affectionate, friendly cat who does great with kids and other cats. She'd love to be the center of attention in her future home.

A close up of a small black and white tuxedo cat's face with a background of a wooden cabinet

Crackle is a super affectionate, friendly kitten who loves kisses, curling up in laps, and being held like a baby. He enjoys playing with his sister and gets along great with dogs & other cats.

A small buff tabby kitten looks down shyly in front of a closet door

Dusty is a loving, adorable orange tabby charmer who likes to cuddle and play with his brothers.

Small black kitten with short fur lays on carpet

Felicity is a confident friendly kitten who is the lead adventurer of her litter. She loves playing with her siblings.

A long haired brown tabby cat with a white chest and tipped left ear

Lafitte is a handsome, polite gentleman who loves to play with other cats. He's looking for a cat savvy adopter to welcome him to his forever home.

A tabby and white rescue cat for adoption in Oregon

Lily is a chatty, playful kitty who loves to be the center of attention.

A small brown and orange tabby rescue kitten

Maia is a lovable, confident bright eyed kitten who enjoys playing with other cats and exploring her foster home.

A small brown tabby rescue kitten with a white chest stares forward

Milly is a true lap kitten, ready to cuddle into your arms when she is not playing kitten games. She's an affectionate, well socialized kitten who is great with dogs, cats & kids.

A small mostly black shorthaired kitten with white whiskers is being held up to look into the camera in front of a white wall

Mr. Pistachio is a friendly sweetheart of a kitten who loves snuggles, playing with cat toys and curling up in cozy cubbies.

A black cat with gold eyes looks forward curiously while perched on a dresser next to an octopus stuffie

Onyx is an affectionate, playful cat who has special needs. He gets along great with children, dogs and cats.

Tuxedo domestic short hair cat for adoption

Pebble is an affectionate, chatty tuxedo cat who wants a home where she can play and be a loyal, loving companion.

A short haired black cat with gold eyes

Pumpkin Pie is a gentle, reserved kitty who has an inquisitive side and a sweet disposition.

A close up photo of an orange tabby kitten tilts his head looking at the camera and stretches his front feet onto a scratching post in a home

Rusty is super playful, rough-and-tumble kitten who is always ready for an adventure! He loves wrestling with his brothers and engaging in playful games.

A photo looking down on an orange tabby kitten

Sailor Mercury is a boisterous kitten with a confident and curious nature. He loves to play all day and gets along well with young kids, dogs and other cats.

A beautiful black rescue cat with gold eyes and tipped ear ready to adopt in Eugene, Oregon

Skitters is an adorable, sweet kitty who's hoping for a loving home where she can get lots of love and attention.

A brown tabby cat with a white blaze sits upright in front a buff colored wall

Tiger Lily is a sweet, shy petite kitty who would make an excellent polite companion in a quiet home.

Bonded pair of tabby and white kittens looking for their forever home

Zak & Zara are a bonded pair of tabby siblings who are looking for a quiet home together.

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